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Margin Management Tools

Managing margins no longer needs to be time consuming, SMS supplies tools to help automate these tasks. With LOC SMS, you can view your item movement by date while easily managing your margins on any item, category, sub-department or department using actual or theoretical costs. Propel your profits even further by quickly identifying low margin items or slow movers. Now you can maximize the profit of each and every square foot of your store.

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Margin Management Features

Sub-Department Margin

• Attach a different margin by subdepartment
• On each sale, if an item does not have a cost record, the system calculates a theoretical margin based on the subdepartment of the item
• Cost of goods by sub-department is a combination of item sales and subdepartment sales using the theoretical margin

Item Margin

• Attach a different margin by item
• Globally change margin for a group of items

• Suggested retail prices directly on changing margins
• Ability to use the margin in future price creation
• On cost changes, suggest retail price base on item margin
• Create future prices based on a cost change batch
• Validate difference between real margin and theoretical margin

Margin Matrix

• Global view of all margins by subdepartment or category
• Expose exceptions with ability to adjust directly from the matrix
• Manage margin for regular price, package price, and limited price
• Supports zoning for host environments

Margin Analysis

• Margin analysis can expose all margins for any price type

• Display margin for a date, allowing you to specify a future date and project margin while considering all batches in the system
• Margin tools to expose any future event that will affect the margin

Margin Validation

• Expose any item that with margin lower than XX
• Expose any item with margin higher than XX
• Expose any item with a variance from target gross margin of %%

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