LOC SMS Mobility

True Mobile Transaction Management

When we say all-in-one, we really mean the only one. SMS is the only system you need to fully execute your marketing strategies. There are no bolt-on’s, no attachments. No need to maintain two data sets, and you don’t need to export SMS data to an external file either. One system manages the entire transaction process, whether in-store, online, or in-app.

SMS allows your customers to search, select, even pay for items with our mobile shopper application. Better still, all in-store options are available online or in-app, including: customer files, item files, charge accounts, point balances, customer groups, promotions and store coupons.

Combining the power of the SMS transaction engine with partners like Invisipon™ provides independent retailers the promotional capabilities once only reserved for the world’s largest chains. Finding, clipping, and consolidating manufacturer’s coupons further enhances your store’s marketing capabilities. Attracting traditional and tech savvy customers is a breeze, and best of all, now you can do it too.

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Mobile Module Features

Product Inquiry

• Search products via multiple criteria
• Build shopping lists
• Use past purchases to build new lists
• Product way-finder • View store specials
• View store suggestions
• Link products or specials to social media sites

Promotions & e-Coupons

• Present targeted offers by customer group
• “Clip” manufacturer e-coupons
• Opt-in Wi-Fi accessibility
• Push offers based on shopping lists

In-App or Online Purchasing

• Place orders remotely via e-commerce engine
• Scan individual items in-store
• Send orders to paycenter kiosk
• Send orders to POS lanes for payment
• Place prepared food orders remotely or in-store
• Place deli counter orders remotely or in-store
• Request special order items, i.e. birthday cakes, floral arrangements
• Google Wallet™ payment service interface Account Maintenance
• Edit customer details and profile online or in-app
• View past receipts online
• Pay for current purchases, pay on accounts, prepay customer accounts
• Lookup gift card balances
• Lookup loyalty program point balances
• Access customer statements online

Nutritional Profiles

• Maintain separate profiles for individual family members
• Calculate portions by nutritional category
• Show nutritional index for items in list or scanned
• Suggest replacement items with better nutritional index scores
• Show nutritional summary for entire basket or recipe

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